PaperBox Malaysia

Saving Food
One Box at a Time

Head to our Food Partners near closing time to get
great quality food at a much cheaper price

Paperbox™ is malaysia's first mobile reservation app for surplus food

Features & Benefits

By Using the PaperBox™ Malaysia App, You Get To:

Save Food

Fresh, Premium quality, and perfectly edible food that would be otherwise be thrown away because they could not be fully sold, can be saved by your usage of our app.

Save Money

You’ll have access to Fresh, Premium quality food and pastries that are prepared on the same day. Available to you at a much cheaper price after regular hours.

Rescue the Planet

By using our app, you can help reduce the amount of edible food that goes to waste in landfills, which produces greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change.

Contribute to Society

With our Make a Donation feature, you can easily donate to local charities through our campaign on, a reputable crowdfunding platform. 

How it works?

Follow this step by step guide to get your PaperBox™

How it works?

Follow this step by step guide to get your PaperBox™ (For Hotel/Restaurant Buffet)

Step 1

Browse through different offerings
& select your desired buffet choice

Step 2

Reserve a PaperBox & head to the premises during PaperBox hours

Step 3

Check-in via the QR code, collect
& fill up your PaperBox with food

Step 4

Make payment upon check-out
& enjoy your meal!

Follow this step by step guide to get your PaperBox™ (For Bakeries/Groceries)

Step 1

Browse through different offerings

Step 2

Reserve items of choice
& head to the premises

Step 3

Check-in via the QR code
& collect your reserved items

Step 4

Make payment upon
check-out & enjoy!



Join us on this journey today !

Frequently Asked


The app is completely free to download, each reservations are also free to make. All payments are to be made directly to the food merchants. PaperBox does not collect any payments from our app users

Within the app, you will be immediately shown our Partner Merchants who are nearby your location (If you have enabled permission for PaperBox to have location access).

You may also adjust your search filter to show what area you are looking at.

You may find various types of food depending on what is offered by our Partner Restaurants, Hotels and Bakeries in the PaperBox App.

For our full list of Partner Restaurants, Hotels, Bakeries and Grocery Stores. You may also view our full list of participating partners here:

All payments are made directly to the participating merchants upon check out. Different merchants will have different payment methods available.

To find out more, you may contact the participating merchant directly through their personal contact information section.

PaperBox does not collect any payments from our app users.

For self-pick up, you will need to head to the premises directly to self-collect all reserved items at the stipulated time.

You may also arrange for a delivery from your end to have your items delivered to your location.

We are currently unable to offer delivery services. We want our customers to be able to browse our food offerings in person and choose the items they want.

We are exploring ways to make this possible in the future.

(For buffet)
If the food options available are not to your satisfaction, you may opt to return the empty & clean food box back to the food merchant. Once returned, you will not need to make any payments.
(Note: The food merchant has the final say on whether or not to accept a food box return without a fee.)

(For Bakeries/Groceries)
If the reserved items are not to your satisfaction, you may return it to the merchant without making payment. (Note: The merchant has the final say on whether or not to accept a food box return without a fee.)

Not necessarily. You may opt to sign in as a guest to make PaperBox reservations. However, we would highly encourage you to sign up for an account to earn loyalty points upon every booking/ review, which can be used to claim various rewards.

Our listed buffets provide a real-time food availability bar to help you gauge how much food is available when you arrive. However, this is not always accurate, as we are working with an unpredictable, changing amount of surplus food.
Therefore, it is best to arrive early, as food is served on a first-come, first-served basis. Do be assured that no payments will be charged if you decide to cancel your reservation.

FOR Partners

In regards to the price to sign up as a PaperBox Vendor, please contact us directly and we will walk you through the whole plan.

You may fill up your information at

We will contact you within 2 working days after receiving your contact.

The main thing as partners are to ensure a smooth experience for our customers, to do so:

1) Ensure your menu items / opening hours/ any related content are updated accurately and regularly to avoid customer disputes.

2) Ensure that staff are aware of how to handle check ins and able to assist customers through the PaperBox App.

3) Ensure that the food provided through our platform is 100% safe for consumption.

Not at all, and you will be compensated by the extra revenue streams from the excess food that would otherwise be disposed. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information at:

Becoming a PaperBox partner offers several advantages, including increased visibility and revenue for your business, reduced cost in handling food wastage, and access to a wider customer base. Additionally, you’ll be contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing surplus food waste.